-Teach your child to shine



"I believe we all come here as love and light"

HEARTLIGHT by the Danish bestselling author Gitte Winter Graugaard teaches your child to shine from within. We come here as a castle full of love and light.

When you were born your body was full of intense light and love. Somehow as we begin our journey into life some of the chambers get darker. Walking around with dimmed chambers inside of us isn’t fun and can be quite challenging. This is why a children’s meditation like this one is so amazing and so liberating.

When you close your eyes and breathe deeply into your stomach, you can access your inner world. Your imagination shows you the way.

The light comes from our hearts and in the meditations, we can go on a tour inside our inner castle and relight the chambers we are ready to reopen, dust them off and let them shine again.

The more rooms we let shine, the brighter we get, the lighter we become and the more fun we attract.

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